Choose the camera

In the beginning, it is always a good question which camera you should get. I am still a fan of learning to handle an older analog camera and you can handle everything else too. Also, you should ask yourself what is the main purpose you want to photograph. Just snapshots, artistic work? Do you just want the images digital, or have an intent to print them?

Of course, the salesman in the store wants to sell you the most expensive high-end gear. He is earning a commission on every sale. It is not in his interest that you get the best suitable. I saw a lot of people over the last few years that have the latest high-end cameras but can not really handle them. Let´s be honest. A Canon EOS 5 D Mk IV or a Nikon D6 are really good cameras. But they are made for professionals. Yes, they are expensive, but that does not tell anything about the quality of your photography. It is a tool. If you can not use the potential it is useless to spend thousands on cameras.

In the beginning, any camera would do. It is about passion for photography. You can find plenty of used cameras for example on eBay. I spend 100 Euro on a Canon EOS 5.

Also, a very good option is a new point-and-shoot film camera like the newest one from AGFA. They are cheap and allow you to find out if photography is a thing for you. You can get one for 30 Euro for example at Fotoimpex.

If you have any questions, reach out to me, I will help you to find your camera.

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