How to choose the correct film

Sometimes it is a bit tricky to find the correct film. Here is a quick guideline how to:

  1. Check the conditions you want to shoot (is it sunny, cloudy, inside or outside?)
  2. What look do you want to achieve? (BW, Color, something artistic?)

The first 2 points are the easier part to cover. In general, the brighter (sunnier) your location or scene is, the less ISO is good. Usually, during summer and the day, I use Fomapan 100 as allround film. It is also one of the most affordable films on the market. You can get it pretty cheap either from or directly from Fomas own online store here.

The downside of this film is, that it has a more grainy look than for example a Kodak T-Maxx or Tri-X.

The first image is shot with Fomapan 100, and the second with Kodak Tri-X.

Another question is how artistic your shots should be. There are plenty of options. Check out They have from turquoise to red-tinted films everything that boosts creative photography.

Happy shooting

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